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The Financial Services industry faces an increasingly competitive environment that places a premium on providing value-add and personalized services. Consumer behavior and expectations have changed. Customers expect financial service providers to deliver products and services they want and need, when and where they want them. Customers desire a consistent view of accounts, products, and services across all channels, and both customers and financial services organizations require a unified view of the customer’s relationship with the financial services organization.

Fortunately, Solien can provide technology solutions, particularly those based on the Microsoft .NET framework, that are poised to help financial services organizations improve customer focus, empower employees, and improve operational efficiency. .NET technology is agile, resulting in improved time to market, and facilitates business integration. This translates into transparent access into backoffice systems for employees, realization of cross-selling opportunities, improved campaign effectiveness, and increased customer profitability. 

Clients include Charles Schwab, Pacific Community Mortgage, Inc., Energy First Credit Union and Coast Asset Management.


Schwab Promotional System

Schwab relied on Solien to develop all the "back-end" solutions for multiple, on-line, lead-generation campaigns. These applications are rich in data collection and are formatted to interface into Schwab's existing mainframe-based customer prospecting system. 


Life Science companies face many challenges, including the need to share mission-critical information across the healthcare continuum, the necessity of IT solutions that are HIPAA compliant, the need for improved data collection and analysis, and the challenge of high maintenance costs associated with legacy and disparate systems that don’t work together.

Solien Technology can help you address these challenges through our technology expertise and industry-specific experience. We have designed and implemented technology solutions for our clients that address a wide spectrum of life science activities, from pre-clinical trial studies to patient-focused disease management tools to health care professional training. Let us put our experience in addressing the complex and diverse challenges and opportunities of life science organizations to work for you.

Clients include Conceptus, Saronyx, Inc., Medtronic and Leiner Health Products.



Conceptus wanted to provide multiple regions with timely information about their Essure permanent birth control device as it gained regulatory approval in each location. Solien developed the and websites and global content management system (CMS) to help Conceptus meet this business objective. The sites provide consumers and health care professionals with a wealth of tools and information and  includes sophisticated content publication functionality and reporting on health care professional registrations, empowering Conceptus with centralized information critical to developing and maintaining physician training and support. Download case study.


Technology continues to bring dramatic change to the engineering and manufacturing communities. Engineering companies require the ability to integrate and customize design processes and business management beyond traditional boundaries. For manufacturers, success means having the power to make better decisions faster, deliver virtually across the supply chain, and give customers what they want, when and where they want it.

Solien’s expertise in a variety of Microsoft-based .NET solutions can facilitate the ability of engineers located around the globe to collaborate in real time to refine new product designs. Salespeople and plant floor managers can exchange up-to-the-minute information about orders and production, ensuring the most efficient use of manufacturing facilities. Your web presence can guide visitors to focused, personalized content, simplify purchasing and service, and efficiently connect you to your suppliers and partners. And you can realize maximum value from the information locked away in your ERP and other core systems by making that data easily available at the point of need, whether that's the plant floor, a sales site, or the executive suite.

Clients include SGL/Hitco, Tetrapak, TI Group, plc.


SGL Carbon Composites, Inc.

SGL Carbon Composites, Inc. is a global leader in carbon composites, providing innovative material solutions and carbon composite technology worldwide. Because their customers span across a huge variety of industries, technologies, materials, products and application types SGL needed a site that spoke to each of these perspectives directly and was capable of relating any combination of these perspectives to each other. Solien designed the business system, data model, applications and back-office, working in concert with O’Grady-Meyers design, which provided design, layout and marketing direction. The result: a business site that not only speaks personally to their broad market, it also listens.


Non-profits face unique challenges.  We know that you are always trying to do more with fewer resources.  We know that you have unique and often very complicated reporting requirements.  We know that information is often spread around your organization and it isn’t easy to find the information you need when you need it.  Solien Technology has experience with non-profits to help with increased productivity and with making process improvements.  SharePoint is a great product for non-profits.  It helps non-profits work more collaboratively and more productively.  It can help with reporting and the efficient dissemination of information – both within your organization and with donors, volunteers and community partners.  And, as a registered non-profit, you are eligible for special pricing and/or donation programs that will help with the cost of acquiring SharePoint licenses.

Solien Technology can help you address your unique challenges through our expertise and non-profit experience. We have designed and implemented solutions for our clients that address a wide spectrum of activities, from volunteer recruitment and on-boarding to a complete intranet and extranet solution for a large non-profit. Let us put our experience in addressing the complex and diverse challenges of non-profit organizations to work for you.

International Medical Corps.

Solien developed an International Recruiting Portal for International Medical Corps.  The Project allowed IMC to save time and streamline the process for on-boarding new volunteers and hires to deliver needed services to their international locations much faster than they could with their previous manual process. Watch the video of the award winning solution by clicking the image on the left.

IMC Video
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